Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Wonderful Herbs of North Carolina

North Carolina has gone through many changes in it's 400 year history. Populations swell and grow. Wars are fought and cities built. But a part of North Carolina that has stayed nearly the same are the wonderful medicinal herbs that have grown in our area. Since frogs learned to hop, the dense variety of wild herbs have thrived here, particularly in the western hills and valleys. With more and more people visiting and moving permanently to the area, all aspects of this biosphere change. There is more demand for land usage, there is less natural resources to go around, but there are things we can do to identify and help curb one problem. With natural 'alternative' medicine gaining more popularity, funded studies and other public support there is a new demand for some of the wild medicine that grows in our woods. Other parts of this country do not resemble the amazing density of medicine that we enjoy. We need to be mindful at how we steward this land, not just the medicine that we use. A famous herb that has shared history with the Carolina peoples is American Ginseng (Panax quinquefolius L). An incredible herb that is celebrated with its own festival in Catskill, NY. It is one of the oldest commodities that early settlers used to trade, with some 25+ year old roots selling for more than $10,000. We export so many tons to other countries every year, the demand on this little plant is growing. Here are some helpful resources for individuals to be good stewards to this little plant:

There are many, many plants that grow wild here, on the side of the road, in your backyard, in neighborhood common areas as well as the woods. It's a simple idea, but try out a wild 'garden' this year in your yard. There are helpful growing guides in the links listed below. It will connect you to this area in new ways, in old ways of medicine making. Bloodroot, Mayapple, Cohosh, Echinacea, Goldenseal and Elder are some others that you can add to a wild garden. Because most of these grow in the woods around here, most of them like higher elevations with shade. But play around with them and see if they can find a home on your land. Have only sunny spots in your yard-en? Try out passionflower, cleavers, chickweed or purslane. These are all "weeds" that you may have pulled out of your garden in the past. Or one of the best wild plants in our area that I can almost guarantee is growing in your yard-en right now: Dandelion. Gourmet grocers and restaraunts in major cities charge an arm and a leg for a "dent de lion" salad. Why not grow your own (or rather, why not NOT pull that weed and let it grow into salad greens or filling for wild herb spanokopita!?)

Good luck! And happy wild gardening!!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Get ready! Dr Hauschka makeup is going to be on sale starting in February!

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Year of the Tiger approaches...

Oh, end of the year is nearing and the dark, winter days make it easier to practice solitary magic. For all of the witches out there, if you are in need of any materials for your craft I'm here to inform you that you can find limitless supply of herbs, oils, resins, divination tools, pendulum charts, astrology reference, and many other tools at Greenlife. We have things for most every flavor of witches: green witch herbal guides, spiritual bathing books, wonderful crafting books (how-to: candles, potions, clothing) We'Moon calenders, pentagram earrings etc. We even sell matches to help light your Yule log. ~Happy Yule 2009~

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Can't find something?

If you find yourself wandering up the aisle looking for that bar of soap you just know you got at Greenlife but can't see it for the life of you...don't fret. You aren't going batty or blind. This fall we have done some major resetting of products. Our aisle signs may not be of help to you, but please ask for assistance from any one of us. Our ultimate goal is to have an easy to navigate department, shelves that are organized and self explanatory, full of fabulous products and great deals for you. Please be patient with us while we finish up these projects. Check out all of the new products we are now showcasing! We've got great deals on old favorites like New Chapter and Dr Hauschka. 2010 calenders are here including the famous WeMoon calender! We've got you covered if you are in the market for fair trade Christmas stockings, local holiday cards to send to your family and friends or a brand new line of awesome clothing: Livity. (check them out at
Our reference and retail library has had a recent makeover. We pride ourselves on having the best books that a grocery store can offer!
Still can't find what you need? Ask us! We will try our best to research and special order whatever your needs are!

Friday, October 30, 2009

The O factor

There is a theory out there that Oprah has a master plan to control the universe and we're all under her spell. While that may not be exactly true (or very original) when it comes to Oprah and marketing products, she is a mastermind. And she does it so effortlessly! Here in SBC, we assume that if Oprah is going to feature any natural foods/natural beauty care/alternative health product on her show that we will be bombarded with people wanting to buy those products. It happened with Acai berry, it happened with Neti pots. In the old days, whatever was featured in Women's World magazine was the fortune teller for what the new hot product in our industry was. Now it is Oprah and her billion dollar marketing team displaying "alternative" products in a mainstream world. A lot of people groan when Oprah is brought up, but really, she is an excellent ally. She invites those who never venture into natural foods stores to explore the alternative food world. Most recently, along with her new Doctor friend (Goodbye Phil, Hello Oz) Oprah discussed toxins in the body that we get from foods, chemicals, cleaning supplies etc. Neem oil was suggested for a toxic free pesticide and immediately after the show aired there were dozens of people looking for neem oil. Neem oil has many uses besides acting as a safe pesticide in farming. Neem is used in oral care, viral management care and topically for skin issues. People with Psoriasis have seen excellent results in treating inflamed skin with aloe and neem. Most people would never know about these uses without being introduced to them by Oprah in the first place. Oprah works. She's trusted, she's convincing and her message gets out to people.

Here is a list of items that we'd like Oprah to tell the world about. It's our own wish list of products in this industry that don't get enough props:

1. Enzymes! Enzymes! Enzymes!- they aren't just for digestion! Enzyme therapy for auto-immune diseases, chronic illness, allergies and so many more health issues.

2. Biodynamic farming. Rudolph Steiner would be proud.

3. Dr Ohhira's probiotics. best. in. the. world.

4. Fair Trade body care like Allafia and Dr Bronners.

5. Protein: The truth about Soy and why you should eat Hemp

There you go, Oprah. You can take any of these that you want! We love that you are our mainstream ally in this skeptic world.